Narrowband Lagoon Nebula - Adam Lundie - Eatons Hill Observatory

Narrowband Lagoon Nebula

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Narrowband Lagoon Nebula
The Lagoon Nebula is an active stellar nursery spanning 60 light years across. This false color photograph shows the interplay of three gasses: hydrogen-alpha in green, sulfur-II in red, and oxygen-III in blue.


  • 43x 360s 6nm S-II
  • 68x 360s 6nm H-α
  • 77x 360s 6nm O-III

Total integration 18.8 hours.


  • Skywatcher Esprit ED120
  • Skywatcher EQ8 Pro mount
  • QSI 683-ws8 Camera @ -15°C
  • Astronomik 6nm narrowband filters
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 Autoguider


  • Imaged over 5 nights between 21st June and 20th August 2019.
  • Orange zone in Brisbane, Australia. (Bortle 7)


  • Planning & camera alignment with Aladin 10
  • Captured with TheSkyX Professional
  • Guiding with PHD2
  • FocusLock live focusing
  • PixInsight: Calibrate, align, stack, deconvolution, pixelmath SHO combination, histogram stretch, curves, HDR multiscale transform, reduction of magenta star halos.
  • Photoshop CC: Saturation, high pass filter, annotation.