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Sculptor Galaxy

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Sculptor Galaxy
The Sculptor Galaxy, also known as the Silver Coin or Silver Dollar Galaxy, NGC 253, is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. The Sculptor Galaxy is a starburst galaxy, which means that it is currently undergoing a period of intense star formation.

Source: Wikipedia

Some larger foreground stars from the Milky Way have been digitally removed to enhance the galaxy.


  • 91x240s Luminance
  • 51x120s Red
  • 51x120s Green
  • 48x120s Blue

Total integration 11 hours, 4 minutes.


  • Skywatcher Esprit 120
  • Skywatcher EQ8 Pro mount
  • QSI 683-ws8 Camera @ -15°C
  • Astrodon LRGB Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance filters
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 Autoguider
  • Celestron Large Format off-axis guider
  • Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Focuser


  • Exposed over 3 nights between 1st September and 3rd September 2019.
  • Orange zone in Brisbane, Australia. (Bortle 7)


  • Planning & camera alignment with Aladin 10
  • Captured with TheSkyX Professional
  • Guiding with PHD2
  • PixInsight: Calibrate, align, integrate, dynamic background extraction, noise reduction, LRGB combination, photometric color calibration, histogram, curves, crop.
  • PixInsight: Spot healing brush on large stars.