Tagged: Lagoon Nebula - Adam Lundie - Eatons Hill Observatory

Tagged: Lagoon Nebula

Animation of Lagoon Nebula Reprocessing Stages thumbnail
Often I like to see how an image is processed from start to finished. Presented in this animation are the main processing steps in sequence from my reprocessed image of the Lagoon Nebula.

Revisiting the Lagoon Nebula with a new telescope. thumbnail
I was lucky enough to snag a second hand 900mm refractor at a good price. I needed a bright target to test it with. The Lagoon Nebula is a giant interstellar cloud around 4077 light years away, classified as an emission nebula and as an H II region.

Lagoon Nebula Reprocessed thumbnail
Cloudy nights and full moons gave me a chance to have another look at one of my first deep sky photographs. The first image taken through my telescope that made me say "wow". I decided to try reprocessing the original data with the skills I've learned in the past few months.